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Who is giulio colella ?

Giulio Colella is one of the most complete experts international in the defense civilian, police and military; Kapap Lotar and Krav Maga international Master; Kick Boxing Master; MMA (Mixed Martial Arts) Instructor, Grappling / BJJ Trainer, Judo Black Belt, Women Self Defense Instructor; ex Military VFB Italian Army; currently Professor at the Regional School of Local Police (Campania Region - Italy), have trained several Police Headquarters of the Campania Region; trained the Commandos Italian Special Forces; trained Security Operators, such as bouncers, bodyguards, and private police; and trained members of the Armed Forces as military and Air Force pilots. Founder of the method "Reality-Training System ®".

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Giulio Colella

WKLF President


www.wklf.netThe International Federation "WORLD KAPAP LOTAR FEDERATION", abbreviated "WKLF", is the 1° Federation of Kapap Lotar born in Italy and is the 4° worldwide Federation. Was born on September 27, 2011 from the union of several sports associations and experts in various fields of martial arts and specialized in the most modern defense techniques and tactics for security, police and military. Work in various fields and is mainly to train among its members of the individuals trained to overcome all situations and hostile environments at high risk. Especially the WKLF is committed to the dissemination and promotion of the martial arts and in particular of the Israeli disciplines: "Kapap Lotar" and "Krav Maga", disciplines designed to safeguard their own existence and that of third parties through technical gymnastic motor and self-defense arising from the simplification of forms of training Israeli military source. The WKLF is a federation non-political, non-partisan, non-profit, based on principles of democracy and equality between men and women. Accession to WKLF is therefore open to all without distinction of sex, race, language, religion, political opinion, personal and social conditions.

Giulio Colella

Founder of the method 

"Reality-Training System®"


www.realitytrainingsystem.com The Reality-Training System ® was born in 2007 in the City of Naples, set up by Master Giulio Colella for the self-defense of civilian, police and military. Giulio Colella is one of the most complete experts, national and international, of self-defense for civil, police and military; International Master of Kapap Lotar and Krav Maga; Master of Kick Boxing; Istrutctor of MMA - Mixed Martial Arts, Instructor of Women Self Defense; ex Military VFB Italian Army, currently Professor at the Regional School of Local Police in the Campania Region (Italy), he coached several Police Headquarters of the Campania Region, trained Operators of the Italian Special Forces, trained Security Operators as bouncers, bodyguard and private police; and members of the Armed Forces as military and Air Force pilots.

In recent years The Reality-Training System ® of Giulio Colella has sought to revolutionize the world of personal and professional defense as well as  many martial arts, with great success among practitioners. The Reality-Training System ® is an training system for self-defence, based on reality. The Reality-Training System is a training system for the impact with the reality of a bloody struggle, and is based on a workout that simulates real operational contexts, and that, after a period of physical and technical training, requires to his practitioners to train with "VIOLENCE OF ACTION". The action( wear suitable protection), is performed at maximum speed and determination and opponents react to every action in a chain of action and reaction among the practitioners. In this phase are studied and analyzed all the possible variations in the action between the attacker and the defender in what the author defines as:
And that is the heart of the system: the “ ARC” is the study and prevention of possible counter-instinctive reactions of the  aggressor following our defense. Our defense then must rely on the counter-instinctive reaction of the aggressor.


Well, it was not difficult for the founder of R.T.S. understand that the ONLY instinctive reaction of the aggressor will be to PULL BACK THE ARMED HAND, as well as a child he puts his hand on fire immediately withdraws his hand. And then our defense must be based by calculating the counterreaction of the aggressor, that is calculating that the aggressor will not stop there, suffering our reaction but WILL PULL BACK THE HAND WITH ALL
ITS STRENGTH.THE ERROR OF ALL MARTIAL ARTS IS RIGHT HERE: training only on action-reaction, the training partner who does the action of attack then becomes paralyzed with no counterreaction undergoing helpless the reaction of partners who defends himself.
THIS IS PURE MADNESS!!! YET ALL MARTIAL ARTS, NO EXCLUDED, ARE BASED ON THIS MADNESS. It seems incredible but just sign up for any self-defense course or watch videos on the web to check that what is true. you will always see one that attacks and then "paralyzes" (that is, without any cotroreazione) while the other performs the defensive techniques.Every defensive technique of R.T.S system is instead created and tested by calculating the counterreaction aggressor and exploiting this advantage to the defender. All this adds to the study of ''unpredictability of events".Another aspect,  key in the Reality-Training System ® , is the physical and psychological stress that precedes and / or accompanying all the training of practitioners, also commonly called "STRESS INOCULATION TRAINING". It comes from the concept that generally in a real fight in the street, we do not fight better than we trained in the gym. This is because the impact with reality changes everything. We're lucky if we can give 50% of the performance that normally we are able to give in the gym without stress. The training system to reality, called for the note, Reality Training System ® by Giulio Colella, will help us to get closer to our 100%.

In summary:

1) Techniques based on the "reality"
2) "Violence of  the Action"
3) A.R.C (Action - Reaction - Counter-reaction)
4) Study of '"unpredictability of events"
5) Stress Inoculation Training (Action with physical and psychological stress)



Giulio Colella

Regional School of Local Police (Campania Region - Italy)

registered in the professors albo


Giulio Colella, Self Defense Instructor for Law Enforcement; and Police Operational Techniques Instructor. The Regional School of Local Police is now in Italy the training facility in the area with the longest experience. It 'was, in fact, established by the Regional Law n. ° 44 of 3 August 1982 and has actually commenced operations in 1985. To it were assigned the tasks of training, education and professional training for members of the Body of the municipal police of the Region Campania.
With novellata Regional Law n. ° 12 of 13 June 2003, his mission has been expanded. The Regional School, together with interventions for the formation of structures belonging to the local police - municipal and provincial - is called to promote, in cooperation with the administrations of belonging, training integrated between the various police forces of the State over the territory and local police and experimental actions also joint training with social workers and security; establishing and updating the list of commanders of local police agencies operating in the region; promotes, in cooperation with other regions and associations of local and national community, experimentation in relation to new skills related to security policies.
Additional tasks were assigned to the School by the Regional Law n. ° 18 of 29 December 2010 (amending Article 8 of the Law n. ° 12) about the formation and training of municipal police officers with police functions Municipal Tourism. The same law has introduced a significant innovation, which will allow even greater incisiveness to the activity of the Regional School of Local Police, stating that it is governed by a Board of Directors made up of three components. The Chairman is a regional council, appointed by the President of the Regional Council, while the other two members are elected by the regional council. The rule, finally, reiterates art. 1 point a) that the Regional School is based in Benevento.The Regional School prepares the Plan of Studies, which contains the programming of all the courses and experimental initiatives which realizes, for the reference period.
It is also Test Center of AICA for the achievement of the free European Computer Driving Licence, for the benefit of the operators of the Local Police.
The Regional School has also made significant projects in Europe to support the exchange of experience between similar police structures of different countries.
Very significant are the occasions, promoted by the Regional School in which all the local police of Campania get together, such as the Feast of St. Sebastian or some moments of analysis and study.
In this new season, the increased skills for the local police, the Regional School stands as laboratory going to qualify and coordinate the activities of security operators.
Synthesis activities:
• Basic courses;
• Specialized courses;
• Courses for Commanders;
• Courses on new technologies;
• Study days




Giulio Colella

Security Operator (Campania Region - Italy )

"Clerk to the control services of entertainment activities and entertainment in public places or in public exercises"


"Clerk to the control services of entertainment activities and entertainment in public places or in public exercises" Authorized Campania Region qualification valid for registration to albo ministerial.



Giulio Colella

Responsable SUD ITALY AND Campania Region,
Kapap Lotar Sector, ASI


www.asinazionale.it --- www.coni.it

The ASI is a Sports Promotion Board recognized by CONI. The ASI (Sports and Social Italian Associations) is one of the most important and representative bodies of sport promotion that, since its establishment in 1994, is recognized by CONI. In addition to the national headquarters, ASI has 130 regional offices, 70 technical fields-sports and more than 5000 workers and employees present throughout the national territory. The ASI brings together amateur sports associations, sports clubs and cultural clubs that decide to join her to carry on its activities recreational sports / recreational and cultural. Through its central and peripheral, and thanks to its associative fabric, the body every day is committed to promote and spread the sport and the values ​​attached to it, and to contribute to the spread of the sport (and teaching) as an essential element health and civilization. The ASI over time has also expanded its range of action and today operates with professionalism in the cultural sphere, in the social advancement in the field of tourism and the environment.

How to reach these goals?
Or organizing sports events and amateur competitions for all ages throughout the national territory organizing leagues and tournaments all sports forming and updating managers, technicians, operators and sports instructors organizing training courses geared to the dissemination of diverse skills in sports organizing cultural, recreational and leisure organizing conferences and working on publications to disseminate a model of modern sport and able to respond to the needs of professionals and enthusiasts seeking dialogue and synergies with Sports Institutions (CONI, FSN, DSA, EPS), government (Government, Ministries), local (regional and municipal), educational institutions and companies sensitive to the need to enhance the sector and to foster their growth.

All these activities are rooted in a deep-rooted conviction: The second ASI sport is critical to ensure the health of people and their mental well-being, as well as to facilitate the aggregation and social integration. In a world where increasing inequalities and intangible assets, therefore, ASI believes in the ability of sports associations and cultural return to the center of the man in his social being, and to restore a value system based on the principles of fairness, loyalty and participation




Giulio Colella

Internazional Master of WAKO -


Kick Boxing 5^ degree Black Belt

Kick Boxing: "LOW KICK" & "K-1"


Brief history of WAKO, the world's greatest organization of Kick Boxing.

The term "KICKBOXING" (literally "pull calcium and fist") was born in the US officially in 1974 with the name "FULL CONTACT KARATE". To be precise, it was September 14, 1974 when the Los Angeles Sports Arena Cow was presented the first World Championship of the Professional that was disputed between a handful of Americans and a few Europeans. In 1976, the same people in Los Angeles had promoted the first World Pro, founded the WORLD ASSOCIATION OF ALL STYLE KARATE ORGANIZATIONS (WAKO). In 1978 were held in Berlin the first real World Championships, followed by Tampa (Florida) in 1979 and since then continuously every two years. In 1980, because of the success that the Full Contact Karate met in Europe, were born of the contrasts with the Federations of Karate existing problems and to avoid political and sports, WAKO decided to drop the use of the word associated with Full Contact Karate and Thus was born the term KICKBOXING (synthesis of "kicking" and "boxing") which immediately gave the idea of ​​what the practitioners were doing: pull calcium and punch. Therefore, the international abbreviation WAKO remained, as well as its original logo, but with the words of World Association of Kickboxing Organizations. We are proud to point out, however now that the current president of the Federation of Italian Ennio Falsoni not only is the president of WAKO since 1984, but he is the natural successor of the inventors, the inventors of this sport that now has spread throughout the world and is practiced by million people. WAKO today comprises some 110 affiliated countries in five continents and is the only organization recognized by GAISF kickboxing, OCA and has already participated in both the AFRICAN ASIAN INDOOR GAMES GAMES to that in 2007. To return to our story concise, another why he dropped the use of the word karate then, was that in the meantime, next to full contact, kickboxing had adopted the other formulas that are called sports Semi Contact and Light Contact. So the word Kickboxing assumes a generic term, like a corolla from which branch out all the different specialties: Semi Contact, Light Contact, Full Contact, Low-Kick, Musical Forms, K1 Rules, Aero-Kickboxing and soon Kick-Light, are the specialties practiced today.



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