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Pozzuoli - Naples, Italy


Prevention, context analysis, mindset, verbal management of the danger situation, non-verbal communication (body language), stress management, safety distance, instinctive defense techniques, principles of ground defense, use of improvised weapons with objects, aspects legal, ... How to behave on foot, by car, by train, at home, in the office, etc.

The anti-female aggression is a defense spcifiche adapted to the security needs of women. Unfortunately, due to factors such as the physical constitution, some socio-cultural variables and the lack of specific training, she is sadly protagonist in the series of ideal victims of assaults, rapes, robberies, violence and intimidation of all kinds, both physical and verbal. By emphasizing that violence against women, we are told to statistics, in Italy and especially domestic violence. About 80% of women murdered, raped or abused are victims of husbands, boyfriends or friends not paid, unable to accept the self-determination of its objects of desire.
Our mission is to develop a defensive mentality for undertaking the safety of himself, as much as humanly possible, without the use of force; thing that a woman can almost never count especially if attacked by a man.

The anti-female aggression is particularly suitable for women allowing a better understanding of themselves, their bodies and be protagonists of what happens around them, to sense when the danger is real and select the possible options: flight, fight, demand help, especially in situations of emotional stress. The ethical component involves the use of physical defense as a last and very last option, only when it is assessed that there is no other possible solution, without yielding to provocations. What is taught to the participants is the use of a defense not brought to the event and in confusion, but an automatic response that takes into account a rapid analysis of the context and is realized through a few simple techniques brought to the sensitive points of the aggressor .

The anti-female aggression also includes psychological training where they teach every woman to avoid unconsciously embody the role of potential victim and recognize the danger signs and to use all the weapons at their disposal with the utmost determination, thus acquiring a great confidence in their abilities.

Self-defense is a concept that often does not pass the test of reality. Martial arts, the techniques developed and complex, and the artificial situations, little can against the pain and panic attack real often are even counterproductive by feeding us a false sense of security, plus it often takes a back seat all the prevention work which is vital in such situations.
Learn a real duress defense that is simple, effective and based on the reality may be the only real solution to survive.

The anti-female aggression want to give a strong and valuable contribution to return to the woman's ability to feel safe and protected, creating a separate department dedicated solely to women's self-defense.

NOTE: The Anti-Female aggression are taken from the Krav Maga techniques. Krav Maga was recently also used by Angelina Jolie in Tomb Raider and Jennifer Lopez in the movie Enough under the guidance of self-defense Wade Allen.










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