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The Histoty of the Krav Maga

Krav Maga is currently the method of combat used by the IDF (Israel Defense Forces), the most devastating and effective ever devised by man. Born in Israel by Imi Lichtenfeld Israeli Army Chief Instructor and then spread rapidly around the world due to its effectiveness and quick learning.

Israeli forces are internationally known with the acronym that IDF Israel Defense Forces (IDF of Israel). Those IDF are considered among the armed forces of the highest quality, representative training and operating in the world. The strong economic investments in the sector of Defense of the State of Israel have also allowed the development and acquisition of weapon systems and military equipment of the most modern and efficient existing at international level.

Today almost all the intelligence agencies, military units, law enforcement, security professionals, etc.. adopt the Israeli Krav Maga fighting system.

Krav Maga in recent decades has been especially adapted to the needs of defense road for civilians. Thus developing the method of self-defense world's most popular and that suits the needs of all types of people from men, women, children, the elderly, etc..

The essence of Krav Maga:

Krav Maga meets criteria such as military effectiveness and speed with which you get immediately to the neutralization of the opponent.
And this is banned everything 'that is unnecessary, complicated by performance, from a martial art.
Krav Maga takes only the best from traditional martial arts such as:
punches and kicks of Kick Boxing
knees, elbows and Muay Thai clinch the
projections of Judo
joint locks of Ju Jitsu
sensitive points of Kung Fu
mixing, modifying and adapting everything to the specific needs of war and by road. The result is the most complete and devastating combat method adapted to military and civil defense personnel.

The 7 Secrets of KRAV MAGA:

The secret of Krav Maga is based on seven principles:

    Krav Maga is based, unlike other martial arts, on human instincts. The techniques of Krav Maga are built specifically on human instincts and that's because in a real situation of conflict we will only instinct. You can not teach complicated techniques against the human instinct .. it would take years and years to automate and make instinctive in a real situation. Maybe a master of martial art after 30 years of practice can 'do it, but not a military man who after a' year of training he was sent on a mission, or a woman who attended a self-defense course because he lives in a bad neighborhood, etc. . etc..

    Krav Maga is pure EFFECTIVENESS. In Krav Maga, there are no competitions, rules, performances, shows, beauty techniques, but only extremely effective. Because if a technique is not very effective, it can mean death. The effectiveness is all that is synonymous with simplicity, instinct, essence, applicability to reality, explosiveness, reactivity, concrete ... From the concept of effectiveness are born our two main beliefs:
    1 - "The fighter that uses basic techniques most effective is the one that usually wins."
    2 - "You can learn 1000 techniques, but those are very few that can be used successfully in the face of a 'very aggressive and skillful opponent.

    Il Krav Maga fa della forza esplosiva una delle sue armi più forti. L'allenamento alla reazione immediata ad una minaccia è pane quotidiano di un praticante di Krav Maga. Ci si abitua fin da subito a reagire immediatamente e ad una rapida neutralizzazione dell'avversario prima che questi possa diventare una minaccia. Ci si abitua quindi a trasformarsi nel più veloce tempo possibile da vittima ad aggressore.

    Krav Maga is the explosive force one of his strongest weapons. Training the immediate reaction to a threat is the daily bread of a practitioner of Krav Maga. You get used immediately to react immediately to a rapid neutralization of the opponent before they can become a threat. You get used to become so in the fastest time possible from victim to aggressor.

    Krav Maga is not a martial art or a classic method of self-defense, just because he has a style wait .. property does not expect that someone will attack and then defend themselves and then go on the offensive .. but it is anticipated, where possible, fending off the attack of the aggressor and attacking at the same time in order to eliminate the threat immediately and not run the risk of further attacks.

    Krav Maga makes sure of those who practice it with greater self-esteem and above all more determined in their actions .. what Americans call the Marines "Violence In Action" which does not mean much to be violent, but is to be decided and determined to eliminate as soon as possible the danger.

    The Reality-Training System is a training system based on reality, whether it is a context Military, Civil or Police. The Krav Maga training is therefore a near-exact reality. (you see: Reality-Training System ®)

These are the seven secrets of Krav Maga that make this art the most effective of the arts.







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