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Judo (via of yielding) is a martial art, a combat sport and a method of personal defense in Japan, formally born in Japan with the foundation of Kōdōkan by Prof. Jigorō Kanō, in 1882. The practitioners of this discipline are called judoists or more commonly judoka.

"The jūdō is the most effective way to use physical and mental strength. Training in the discipline of the jūdō means reaching the perfect knowledge of the spirit through the attack-defense training and the assiduous effort to achieve a physical-spiritual improvement. The improvement of the ego thus obtained must be addressed to the social service, which is the ultimate goal of the jūdō. Jū is a beautiful concept concerning logic, virtue and splendor; it is the reality of what is sincere, good and beautiful. The expression of jūdō is through waza, which is acquired through technical training based on scientific study »

(Jigorō Kanō)

The jūdō later officially became an Olympic discipline in 1964 for the Tōkyō Olympics, and represented the third most universal sport with athletes from 98 different countries at the Athens Olympics2004, while 387 athletes from 135 different countries participated in the London Olympics .




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